Wednesday, January 14, 2009

-free shipping-

dear all, as chinese new year is coming up, we hereby sending the warmest greeting , and yet we're giving out free shipping for any order made before new year !! hurray! act now and grab your love!!

happy shopping ,

Sunday, January 11, 2009


-Satin Flora Toga-
-Satin material-
-reddish flora-
-original Vodka Branded-
-fits xs to m-
-smocked waist line-
-Status : Tanya is sold to May-


-Thick satin with embriodary-
-supreme satin quality-
-Original Vodka Branded-
-Color : plum l tangy-
-adjustable strap-
-Status: Sanne in tangy is sold to Mon
but Sanne in plum is still available -

Sanne is yours at only rm99

Saturday, January 10, 2009


-Layered 3/4 dress-
-nicely knitted on top-
-comes with white tube-
-fits xs to s-
-Status : Rasha is sold out-

Friday, January 9, 2009

~ Queenie~

-thick satin blouse-
-color: black l white l red l purple-
-thick satin material(excellent cooling material)-
-hand sew beads deco-
-comes with black sash-
-fits xs to L-
-Status: Queenie in purple is sold
while others is still available-

Queenie is yours at only rm 58


-cotton flora mini dress-
-cotton material-
-color : white base flora l pink base flora-
-necklace attached-
-fits xs to s-
-Status : Paulina is all sold out-


-cotton vintage tops with beads-
-halter stripes with beads-
-soft cotton material-
-color: olive l cream-
-fits xs to m-
-Olive is sold out-


-Kimono dress-
-color:plum l blue-
-Original Vodka Branded-
-fits xs to m-
-Status: Nakeisha is still available-

Nakeisha is yours at only rm69


-Layered chiffon top-
-chiffon material-
-color: apple green l grey-
-Origianl Vodka Branded-
-fits xs to m-
-nice knited chestline-
-Status : Misha is sold out -

Misha is yours at only rm55

Thursday, January 8, 2009


-sexy chiffon top-
-chiffon material-
-with diamond neckline-
-color : white l cream l peach l black-
-fits xs to L-
-Status : Lalita is sold out-

Lalita is yours at only rm48


-flora maxi-
-comfy cotton material-
-color:grey l purple l orange-
-Original Chorus Branded-
-fits xs to m-
-Status : Karlyn is sold out -

Karlyn is yours at only rm79


-checkered mini dress-
-sheer material-
-color: black & white l black & red-
-Original Chorus Branded-
-fits xs to s-
-can pair with leggings or solo as a mini dress-
-Status: Jamie in Black is sold but
Jamie in red is still available (grab it ! while stock last only!)-

Jamie is yours at only rm49


-Flying butterfly-
-Satin Material-
-Color Teal-
-Original Vodka Branded-
-fits xs to L-
-look great with clincher too-
-Ilyssa is sold out-

Ilyssa is yours at only rm65

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


-flora tube dress-
-chiffon material-
-color: grey l pink l yellow-
-origianl Vodka Branded-
-fits xs to s-

-Status : Gabrielle is all sold out-